I will be offering a variety of supportive, educational, & therapeutic groups.  Upcoming groups may include topics such as Stress Management, Mindfulness, Assertiveness Training,  Infertility and Stress Reduction, and Managing Anxiety & Depression During and After Pregnancy.

MILITARY: I will be offering  groups for military, veterans, and spouses with topics such as Coping With the Challenges of the Military Lifestyle, Deployment Related Stress, and Adjustment to Life After the Military. 
Group therapy involves one or more psychologists who lead a group, typically ranging from five to 15 clients.  Group sessions usually occur one to two hours per week.  The nature of the groups may vary.  Some groups are designed to target a specific area (i.e., post-partum depression, infertility, deployment stress, grief/loss, etc.), while other groups are more general and might focus on helping clients improve social skills or address self-esteem issues.
Provides Support
Groups help to ease that sense of isolation.  Hearing from others with similar issues helps you to see that you are not alone, which can provide a huge sense of relief.  In addition to receiving support, you also learn how to give support to others.
Offers a Wider Range of Perspectives
Group members can help you see things that you might not be aware of.  This can improve your self-awareness as well as your problem solving abilities.
Hearing how other members successfully overcame their challenge often pushes you to work harder in dealing with your own challenges. 
Learn healthier ways to relate to others
Groups provide you with the opportunity to practice communication or the expression of emotions and feelings in a safe environment.  
Group therapy often costs less than individual therapy.
Please contact me for more information about upcoming groups.