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Dr. Karen Harman is a psychologist specializing in police and public safety psychology, offering psychological support, consultation, and education to various agencies across Maine. With a notable background as a commissioned officer and operational psychologist in the United States Navy, she has extensive experience in providing critical support to service members in high-risk occupations.  Her work in the field has been influenced by her military background and unconventional experiences. She possesses an appreciation and respect for the unique culture of highly driven and devoted public safety professionals.

Grounded in the belief that psychological health can be enhanced without compromising tactical and operational performance, Dr. Harman aims to establish a more relatable and accessible experience of "mental health” for police and public safety professionals.  The hope is to create an opportunity for public safety professionals to thrive both professionally and personally.

Dr. Harman's Services Include:

Agency Consultation

Operational Support (on-scene)

Wellness Consultations/Visits with Contracted Agencies

On-Site Education/Training


Critical Incident Support

Connecting agencies and individuals to "first responder friendly" mental health resources.


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